Monday, April 19, 2010

A few gems

acrylic on wood

"Are You Lost"
55 x 45 cm
acrylic on canvas

Scraped, squeegeed, glazed, covered, recovered, scumbled and scratched. Just a few verbs to describe the playful approach to paint by these two different but equally strong abstract artists. Great stuff and a joy to stumble on such interesting work. Both artists are English, I believe. Click on their names to check out their wares. Vincent Hawkins has a blog (you must look at his inks on paper too) and Untitled, who keeps a painting diary, is currently anon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for these links. Looks like all the comments are being posted over on their sites.

undercover painter said...

Hi VC. I'm amazed anyone is still visiting actually. That's what happens when one posts so irregularly. I hope to find some more gems.

UNTITLED said...

Thanks again for the post UP. I look forward to your next.

undercover painter said...

You're next will be soon.

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