Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gemma Smith

Baraba 2009 acrylic on board 34 x 27.5cm

Soft Battle 2010 acrylic on board 27.5 x 34cm
Images from: Sarah Cottier gallery

Is anybody out there feeling the love for abstraction in Sydney this month? I am, because Gemma Smith is showing her colourful abstracts at Sarah Cottier Gallery until April 1st. These are process paintings that harness fresh, clean palettes and bold, confident brush strokes in which thin washy marks meet smoothed out blocks of masking shapes or lines; they are entirely seductive and beg to be gazed at. I'm planning to get down to the gallery next weekend to do just that.

Gemma Smith is a featuring artist in this months Art Sydney 2010. This exciting first time event is hopefully doing good things for artists, galleries and the public's appreciation of art in general.

ETA: Gemma Smith talked about her show Sudden Double last weekend. Here's a summary.


Gabrielle Jones said...

Went to this exhibition on Saturday - loved three of them: Beep About, Collision and Improvisation, and Baraba (Great names!). Lovely fresh application of paint and snesuous curves- I like the new direction taken away from hard edge. However, I was a little disappointed in the "thrown together" quality - a bit like anything Gemma does will do, or is it High "Anti Art" (or am I just to bourgeois that I expect a sesne of preciousness?) Anyway, certainly worth a look.

undercover painter said...

Or, to look at it from another angle, these paintings seem to be about painting as a process and within that context 'thrown together' might be the action required as part of that process. Sometimes I think a good aim is to make a bad painting....and to see what comes from it. Is that anti art? I don't know. Thanks for the contention, Gabrielle. As usual, you make me think!

Gabrielle Jones said...

And so do you! Although I have no problem making a bad painting.....

Sondra said...

I really enjoy both of these works and can almost "feel" her making the brush strokes. They are playful and seductive, as you stated. Would love to see them in person.
Thanks for sharing them.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi UP!
I have been wondering how your month has gone. Where did it go?
Phew...saturday night and here i am trying catch up with a few people.... should have been painting but no energy. Tomorrow I will pick up brushes again.
I kept reading things about Art Sydney 2010. Looks like it caused a good stir... some new energy I hope.

These works are so engaging - that paradox between flat and textural lines is curious - paradox is the wrong word...its late - time for sleep. Forgive the rambling response here!

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