Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gemma Smith

Baraba 2009 acrylic on board 34 x 27.5cm

Soft Battle 2010 acrylic on board 27.5 x 34cm
Images from: Sarah Cottier gallery

Is anybody out there feeling the love for abstraction in Sydney this month? I am, because Gemma Smith is showing her colourful abstracts at Sarah Cottier Gallery until April 1st. These are process paintings that harness fresh, clean palettes and bold, confident brush strokes in which thin washy marks meet smoothed out blocks of masking shapes or lines; they are entirely seductive and beg to be gazed at. I'm planning to get down to the gallery next weekend to do just that.

Gemma Smith is a featuring artist in this months Art Sydney 2010. This exciting first time event is hopefully doing good things for artists, galleries and the public's appreciation of art in general.

ETA: Gemma Smith talked about her show Sudden Double last weekend. Here's a summary.
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