Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peter Sharp

Peter Sharp
Cicada, 2008
oil and acrylic on linen
200 x 150 cm

Australian painter Peter Sharp is having a show in Sydney.

Born on the east coast of Australia, this painter is well known for going out into the desert to record the surroundings. Making small, immediate drawings he then returns to his studio to paint. But it's what he does with the notion of landscape that attracts me to his work. Instead of treating the landscape as 'grand vista' for a faithful even reverential interpretation (the ubiquitous three vertical stripes), Peter Sharp instead chooses to hone into the things he sees on the ground, a rock or a seed pod for example might inspires him.

In his latest paintings the spider and it's web are his main subject and they're quite arresting

Fittingly, Sharp paints with his canvas laid out on the floor, a preference that honours his preoccupation with the microcosm, enabling him to take an aerial view of his work in progress. I love looking at these; abstractions combining hard edged forms with gestural strokes using both oil and acrylic.

Peter Sharp is an interesting painter because of the way he chooses to render the natural world and, in many ways, it's refreshing to see the Australian landscape recognised in this way.

Also, do check out his drawings - they're a treat. Mostly small to mid sized (sometimes gridded up to make a larger piece), these charcoal drawings are simple, graphic and direct. They just breathe.

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Balhatain said...

Thanks for posting this. I'll look into the artist for sure.

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