Saturday, September 13, 2008

For my first case I give to you....

Thomas Nozkowski
Untitled (S-31) 1998
ink on paper
9 x 12 inches

Ok, so this is a drawing.

It's a beautiful one though, and it's made by one of my most favourite artists. Thomas Nozkowski has been painting and drawing for many many years. You can see his paintings here and his drawings here.

I love to see a painter who can be unashamedly obsessed with the process of painting and the lushness of paint. His subject matter appear to be inspirations from a moment in time or a visual impression, such as how fragments of glass and plastic nuzzle up to a nob of moss. Nozkowski is probably a formalist so it's all about the figure/ground, baby!

Seriously, go see his paintings. I love the carnival coloured biomorphic shapes which sit confidently amongst or on top of grids and lattice work and the ameobic-like creatures that appear to have sidled shyly onto the picture plane; half coming, half going. When looking at his paintings I feel as if I'm watching figures on stage and I get the urge to burst out laughing, so surprising and fresh are his compositions. Also, Nozkowski eschews the whole 'mine's bigger than yours' thing and paints small on canvas board.

I like.

Which brings me to another artists who, unlike Nozkowski, is sadly dead.

Stay tuned....

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