Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh discoveries

Chicken, 2007
Casein on paper
30 x 30 in

Untitled Monument

Beehive Bedlem 2010
oil on linen


vincenthawkins said...

I have just made friends with Heidi on Fb, how bizarre . I like her work very much . It has a wit about it !

undercover painter said...

Hi Vincent. I've had Heidi on my list of artists for a while now but kind of forgot about her. Then I revisited her site after she wrote to me when she found this blog through you! Crazy Internets;) I like her grand gestures in paint.

UNTITLED said...

Great post UP. Im a fan of Doherty and Partidge, but have never come across the other two......will take a closer look.

Mink said...

so much great work on here, nice going, love your blog, I have been checking it often and I met Heidi many months ago and love her work and it's been great to become familiar with Vincents as well. Keep it coming!

undercover painter said...

Thanks for visiting, Mink.

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