Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A muse - part 2

Al Taylor

MTAMBO: A Trap with a Spring Action

Acrylic paint on linen-backed paper
(24.8 x 20.3 cm)
Image from: David Zwirner Gallery - New York


Gabrielle Jones said...

Went to Canberra last weekend and saw a Howard Hodgkins in the flesh - what a ripper! Forgotten how luscious they can be. As for these other paintings - why is it that the simple things can speak volumes in the hands of good artists? Something to aim for...
Thanks for bringing these artists to my attention

Altoon Sultan said...

Thanks for introducing me to Al Taylor's work, which I wasn't aware of. I love his paint, and the sculpture is witty and alive (it reminds me a bit of the sensibility of Richard Tuttle). I also really like Hodgkin, especially his recent work which has become even more open and fresh. And Christopher Wool work, since he's left text behind, is really gorgeous. So thanks for these posts.

undercover painter said...

'simple' is my word for the day, Gabrielle. In fact, I think I need to staple it to my forehead. I saw some Howard Hodgkin works back in the mid 90's at a small Paddo gallery. They were fine indeed. Not that you could call his process simple...given that they sometimes take years to make...but that's just the point I suppose. I love the idea of being dedicated to the simplicity of a brush stroke - taking it off, putting it back, whatever - but just being content enough with that kind of commitment and being able to resist the loathsome fussing that can go with painting. Altoon, thanks for drawing my attention to Richard Tuttle. I came across his work awhile ago but then kind of forgot about him, though probably not subconsciously because I can really relate to his work...the idea that any material can be used to express a thing of aesthetic sensibility is such an alive notion to me. It's nice to meet you and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

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