Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paul Corvers

120 x 100cm
oil on linen
Image: courtesy of the artist

I found this painter over at dripbook. Also, check out his website for more accurate images as this one doesn't seem to want to post properly. I love the simplicity of his work.


Anonymous said...

These are quite nice. I don't mean to sound cynical, but is there a name for this? The simple, scruffy, abstracty pictury humility a la Raoul De Keyser.

See if you agree that there is some family resemblance.

I like all these painters, but being so happy makes me think I should be more critical.

oh, and of course Morandi, right?

Undercover Painter said...

Well, I think you named it, VC. So lets call this 'style' simplescruffyabstractypictury.

Could we also attach Clough and Noz?

But I don't know. For me, all the links you give don't really resemble Corvers. I'd put him more in the simplewadsofcolourappliedall
butteryliketomakeprettypictures. But now I'm being cynical. Hmmmm Morandi. Well, yes, if we're talking about the spaces in between. Intriguing link.

I'm going to think on this query of yours and get back to it when I'm less bleary eyed, and when I've found my happycritical where did I leave it?

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