Wednesday, February 11, 2009

looking around

Dear reader, if you're still out there, please forgive me. I've been plenty busy with all sorts of crazy things, which is why this blog stagnated for so long.

I'd love to post more work from painters who are, as yet, unrepresented or just emerging. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with a link to your blog/work.

What am I looking for? From the works I've posted so far you can probably tell what catches my eye. But I'm open to the bigbad universe of painters everywhere-

So...let's get this party started!


Anonymous said...

glad i stopped by, the Furlonger is very nice. It would seem to be a recipe for trite disaster, but not at all. A wonderful tension. can something be tense and refreshing at the same time?

Undercover Painter said...

Hey VC, glad you're here. Well, yes, there's nothing new in content here but Furlonger is the master of using the 'trite' formular - three bands that 'read' landscape and the use of traditional materials - to make paintings that really breath. I'm interested to know what elements in his work you feel creates tension. For me it's the push and pull of paint on the surface. Just as Auerbach orchestrates tension with hyperbolic impasto (a recipe for soup for most painters and not exactly what I would describe as refreshing) Furlonger never over does it. This example is on canvas but I have seen his gouaches on paper. Many layers without scuffing or burning the support. Beautiful and ,yes, refreshing. Hmmm....for you, having observed your work, I'm guessing you're drawn to form here. No?

Anonymous said...

yes, drawn to form and form to draw, although as i noted somewhere on my blog, i dont know what drawing is.
As to Furlonger, I guess it's that he nails the insufficiency of descriptions. I mean, loose energetic brushstrokes that congeal into an image.
ok, sure, but that also describes Thomas Kinkade!
Furlonger gives us that but so much more, or other.
or i could just be lazy.

Undercover Painter said...

Oh right! what is drawing - a whole other conversation. You call it description, I might call it evocation. But, yes, it's the touch of brush here that wows me. All I know is I got to learn how to spell 'breathe'. Oh Kinkade cracks me up.

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